Digital customer of the new era – Customer 4.0


dr hab. Adam SKRZYPEK – prof. UPH, Instytut Nauk o Zarządzaniu i Jakości, Wydział Nauk Społecznych, UPH Siedlce, ul. Żytnia 39, 08-110 Siedlce, Polska;

received 25.06.2021
accepted 19.07.2021


Purpose: The aim of the research was to indicate, based on literature studies, the role of Customer 4.0 and to discuss Customers’ 4.0 distinguishing features, expectations and needs. In view of the growing role of the Customer Experience (CX) concept, an attempt was made to indicate its usefulness in shaping overall customer experience.
Research design/methodology/approach: The research was conducted based on the study of available literature and inference.
Findings/conclusions: In the conditions of digital revolution, 4.0 digital customers distinguish themselves from the general group of buyers. 4.0 customers are educated, independent, have self-esteem, are prosumers, co-create products, expect individualized products. Customer Experience (CX) is a proven tool for shaping Customer 4.0. Customer Experience is achieved through long-term and time-consuming process of building organization’s culture. Customer Experience comes to the fore in CX and customer relationship management. Conclusion: Acquiring and retaining Customer 4.0 and incorporating their experience into business decisions should translate into effective business processes.
Limitations: There is not enough literature on the relationship between the digital 4.0 customer, the 4.0 revolution and the CX concept. Future research should concern directions of building relations in the field of Customer 4.0, CX, Industry 4.0, Trade 4.0, Quality 4.0, Standardization 4.0 taking into consideration development of new technologies and limitations resulting from crisis situations, including pandemics.
Practical implications: The research results presented in the article can be used by market research analysts and production companies that are aware of the growing importance of the customer 4.0, as a new generation of customers who need to be understood to meet their requirements and expectations, and even surpass them in order to survive in the market and win against the competition.
Originality/value: This study, based on the analysis of available literature, indicates current research directions related to the creation of customer 4.0 category. Those customers who are looking for efficiency, high quality service. They are account for a significant share of global market demand. The phenomenon requires that organisations must keep up with prevailing trends in the area of new technologies. This study indicates the directions of further research in the field of solutions improving relations with the digital customer in the conditions of changes, risk, uncertainty and lack of business continuity.


customer 4.0, digital customer, Customer Experience, prosumer

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