Fashion as a consumer value – explication of the issue


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received: 27.09.2021
accepted: 25.11.2021


Purpose: The aim of this article is to prezent fashion as a value proposition for the client. The implementation of this goal required a detailed explication of the phenomenon of fashion. The publication defines the mechanism of how fashion works, the essence of a fashion trend, as well as discusses the main perspectives of fashion analysis and current trends in research on fashion.
Design/methodology/approach: The study uses the method of critical analysis of the literature on the subject, aimed at identifying items relevant to the topic, the method of synthesis and logical inference, and on their basis an attempt was made to consolidate the distinctive, status and expressive role of fashion, chich is of value for the client. The interdisciplinary nature of the phenomenon of fashion influenced the nature of the selection of literature. The article is a review.
Findings/conclusions: Getting to know the psychological, sociological and economic sources of fashion and the motives influencing its mechanism, enables a more complete understanding of the expectations of the buyer of goods and services subject to the influence of fashion trends and the creation of competitive sales offers.
Research limitations: The recognition of fashion as a purchasing value requires more in-depth analyzes, maliny due to the multi-context nature of the phenomenon of fashion. The direction of the author’s future research will be to reveal the relationship between a compatible triad of customer value in the yachting industry: fashion, fun and aesthetics.
Practical implications: This sudy may constitute a specific compendium of analyzes used in the marketing strategies of diversified suppliers of luxury goods.
Originality/value: The article describes the phenomenon of fashion from the perspective of consumer behavior, revealing at the same time the universal spectrum of its characteristics. According to the author, the verification of the importance of fashion in sectors diversified in terms of the sales offer is conducive to the diversification and ordering of knowledge about it.


customer value, shaping customer value, fashion as a consumer value, contemporary trends in fashion research, customer loyalty

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