Significance of relation ‘quality and innovations’, especially – environment oriented innovations


prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Kłos – Politechnika Poznańska, Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej i Transportu, ul. Piotrowo 3, 60-965 Poznań, Polska; e-mail:

received: 5.01.2021.
accepted: 11.02.2021


In the current approach to product quality, its various aspects become important. This is so with the environmental aspect, which is for many products amongst the most important. Here are some of the more important ramifications of this fact. It is noted that although the quality of products, understood practically as the degree of fulfillment of customer requirements, is addressed primarily to direct customers, it has intermediate (distant) customers, i.e. stakeholders outside the circle of direct relationship: product manufacturer – customer user. These indirect customers, that is generally speaking institutions that safeguard the rational use of environmental resources, have their reasons that are equally important and must be taken into account. One part of the text is devoted to the role of the artificial intelligence for relation between quality and innovations. The final part of the text presents a proposal how to take environmental aspects into account at the design stage, i.e. where product quality is being developed and where the environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle is determined.


quality, innovations, pro-environmental innovations

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