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received: 22.01.2021
accepted: 15.02.2021


Broadly understood quality in the modern world is of strategic significance. It is an opportunity for the success of organizations operating in conditions of change, uncertainty, risk, chaos and discontinuity. Quality should be effectively managed with the use of more advanced and sophisticated tools and methods based on IT technology. For quality development and improvement people need access to information and knowledge and the will to act to improve their products and services. In the center of the quality issue is the concern about the customer and meeting their needs. A critical problem is the measurement of quality. Many seminal works of foreign and Polish provide the basis for scientific research and offer practical solutions in the area of quality. At the same time, the pace of changes imposed by Industry 4.0 solutions forces us to take a broader look at the problems related to quality. Solutions emerging within the 4.0 Revolution force transformation to the 4.0 Economy, including the necessity of transformation to Quality 4.0 and searching for possibilities of quality improvement in times of digitalization and artificial intelligence. These solutions have many advantages, but they also raise concerns and fears. Therefore the research on Quality 4.0 concept becomes a necessity.


quality, quality management, quality improvement, quality 4.0, industry 4.0

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