Safety and health protection in managing construction projects


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received: 9.03.2020
accepted: 27.03.2020


Construction objects arise during the implementation of construction projects. Participants in these projects are interested in taking systematic actions to improve the state of occupational safety and health protection. The effectiveness of these activities requires that they be carried out as part of a comprehensive system of managing the construction project implementation process. The safety management and health protection system is part of the overall project management system, which includes: organizational structure, planning, responsibility, rules of conduct, procedures, processes and resources and requires analysis of safety and health protection issues in its individual areas, phases and stages. This is primarily due to the fact that proper management is the most effective way to ensure an adequate level of safety and health protection (bioz), desirable both due to the need to comply with legal provisions in force in construction, social expectations, and the possibility of obtaining positive economic effects by individual process participants in the scale of the entire construction project. The article proposes a theoretical model of the built undertaking that can be used to recognize the state of bioses. The model distinguishes parts, activities and areas in accordance with the logical course of the process, which was assigned to individual stages of the project. A research tool – RADAR BIOZ – was developed to identify the factors affecting bioz. To assess the condition of bioses, an analytical and mathematical model of the examined undertaking was formulated to ultimately determine the directions of preventive actions in the field of safety and health protection at individual stages, phases and areas of the construction project implementation process.


construction works, safety, health protection, management, construction process

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