The role of strategic information in value creation


dr inż. Grażyna Paulina Wójcik – Grażyna Wójcik Inspektor Ochrony Danych; 2 Aleksandra Patkowskiego apt. 5, 02-750 Warsaw, Poland


received: 27.12.2019
accepted: 17.01.2020


The purpose of the article is to discuss the strategic information system
of the “organization of the future” focusing on a procedural approach taking into account the perspective of the analysis “from outside to inside” the organization, treating information about the organization’s resources as information of strategic importance, identifying activities that create value. It was found that the ability to manage strategic information in an organization
is a key success factor, necessary for transformational changes, organizational culture changes and other changes needed to function in a rapidly changing environment.
The role of improving processes enabling the creation, dissemination and use of information to achieve the organization’s goals, increase job satisfaction and commitment was emphasized.


value systems, Strategic Information System, effective organization management, strategic information management

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